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Just a Label

I haven’t done a blog post in quite a while, in fact, not since I packed up and moved across the country last spring. The past year has flown by – it is hard to overstate how overwhelming being in a new place is and how much effort it takes to just acclimate and figure out where everything is. It is starting to feel like home though, and soon it truly will be home – we just bought a house,…

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0 In Quilting/ Studio

The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Quilt Sew Along

Farmer's Wife Quilt fabric selection

I made a test quilt block the other day to get a feel for how this project was going to go, and let’s just say nothing went the way I expected. I have paper pieced before, I actually did the foundation piecing for an entire crib sized quilt top when my oldest was a baby, but that was a long time ago and I suspect my craftmanship left a lot to be desired (it never even turned into a quilt,…

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Pincushions, Presser Feet and Cathedral Windows

Cathedral Window quilt block

For a few years now a queen size cathedral window quilt has been on my short list of Big Projects I Am Afraid to Start. If one looks at it dispassionately, it really isn’t such a huge project – I think I can bulk cut and assemble it in a few days if I focus, and it isn’t a conventional quilt in that it isn’t exactly quilted (although it can be) and the construction method I use leaves the backside…

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4 In Studio

My “New” Singer: The 411g

Singer 411g

I have been sewing on old Singers for a while now. I bought a modern entry level Janome machine when I was first married and tried sporadically to become a seamstress, usually (always) with disappointing results. I finally started to get proficient at sewing about 8 years ago when I began selling cloth menstrual pads (you heard me right) and was suddenly putting hundreds of hours on my Janome machine. Then I started to really get nerdy about sewing –…

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