I am a small indie dyer newly relocated from Oregon to Fort Wayne, Indiana – or as we like to think of it: 80’s Portland. I have a home studio and produce very limited quantities of kettle dyed yarns, dyed in small batches with professional fiber dyes. My colorways tend to be subtle and complex, not always the most exciting in the skein, but, in my opinion, truly wonderful for apparel knitting where strong variegation is not always desired. Instead, each stitch will often vary slightly in color, moving in and out of tones softly with variations in warmth and coolness that give the finished fabric wonderful dimension. I dye mostly for my own knitting inclinations, and I love to knit sweaters and shawls in lace, cables and textured stitches, mostly in lighter weight yarns and semi-solid colorways. I also dye yarns in more dramatic colorways – I love color and those yarns are fun to dye and fun to knit, especially for smaller items, but my heart lies with the subtle semi-solids.

Due to the complex nature of my dyeing process, most colorways are difficult to duplicate and are rarely repeated. If you missed out on a colorway that you loved though, take heart and keep watch – often something similar will happen in the dye pot again eventually. I carry only fine fibers and am one picky knitter. If I chose to add it to my line, you can feel pretty confident that I couldn’t stop petting it and you won’t want to either. Also, silk – I think it should pretty much be in everything. That doesn’t mean that I don’t carry the odd 100% Merino or Bluefaced Leicester yarn (they have their place too), but my focus is mostly on the finest, softest fibers.

Care and Washing

All of Wanton Fibers yarns should be hand washed, gently, in cool water with high quality wool wash (Eucalan is my favorite, but a drop of good shampoo will work in a pinch). I STRONGLY discourage machine washing my superwash yarns. Even though technically superwash will not felt, the other fibers it is usually blended with may not react well to the agitation, and overall you just aren’t doing your hand knits any favors by machine washing them. Wanton Fibers yarns have excellent light and colorfastness, although occasionally you will notice a tint to the wash water when you soak your newly knitted items. This is just a tiny amount of un-bonded dye particles that didn’t rinse out initially and will not effect the finished color. To be safe, always hand wash newly knitted items alone the first time.

Shop Updates

I add new yarn to the shop as often as I can make it happen, usually once or twice a month, and sometimes even weekly. I have played with set days and times to add new yarn as well as coming soon previews, but in the end I have decided that is all a bit unnecessarily hard on my workflow and I now just put it up when it is ready. The best way to know when new stuff is available is to like my facebook page and sign up on the mailing list (the links to do both are in the sidebar).

Mailing List

Sign up on our mailing list to get notified about shop updates, sales, specials, coupon codes and other events. I hate spam as much as you do and would never share your info with anyone, ever. Nor will I bother you endlessly with redundant announcements or cat photos – you can follow my Instagram for that.


Is the best month. It not only contains my birthday, but also the best part of Autumn and the best holiday: Halloween. So in October I dye lots and lots of yarn and make lots of special Halloween Project Bags to give away as gifts with purchases. These are not just any project bag… these are the projects bags that I designed for myself and that my knitting always lives in so that I can just throw it in my purse or on the floor at the airport and knit straight out of the bag without worrying about it getting dirty or snagged or away from me. I seek out the coolest creepy prints I can find and pair them with things like cotton velvet, hand dyed silk, coordinating liner fabrics and silk or linen drawstrings.  Then I have my mom machine embroider my logo on merino felt badges that I hand sew on to the bags before fully lining them. That’s right, even my mom has to help. So keep an eye on Wanton Fibers during October!

Store Policies & FAQ


Registered users now earn points for all of their Wanton Fibers purchases. Purchases will earn one point for each dollar spent, which can then be redeemed for discounts on future orders. 10 points earned equals $1 off a future purchase. You can see how many points an order will earn, as well as spend existing points, on your cart page. You can also see your point balance and history in your “My Account” page.


Register for an account and automatically receive 100 points! Registering allows you to create a username and password to save information like your address and email for future orders, as well as giving you easy access to your order history.


Please come back after you have your yarn and leave us a review! Buying yarn online without being able to touch it in person is hard, and buying from an unknown shop is always a bit scary. Your reviews will help others to know what to expect and make them feel more comfortable. Also, word of mouth is just the best, most honest advertising ever, so if you like Wanton Fibers, tell your knitting and fibers friends. My customer base is very small but extremely loyal. You are part of an elite club!


Occasionally a color or yarn won’t be what you expect. No worries,  I accept returns within 2 weeks of completed delivery. Just contact me to let me know what you will be returning and the yarn must be in new condition, skeined with label intact. I will refund the purchase price, less shipping, as soon I receive the yarn back. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, and I recommend adding tracking to the package when you return it.

Free Shipping

Shipping is free on orders of $200 or more that ship to the US or Canada. Just choose “free shipping” as your shipping method when you checkout. Shipping is also always free within Indiana, because we just love Hoosiers.


You can pay at checkout via Paypal, Credit Card (Stripe), or your Amazon account. Payment is fully secure and encrypted, protecting you and your information. Due to the limited nature of my inventory, I do not accept checks or money orders for online purchases.

 Visiting the Studio

I am located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and am happy to open my studio if you would like to browse my yarn in person. Just let me know and we can set up a time. I also love to hear from local knitters and fiber artists and welcome opportunities to build a fibers community locally.

Sweater Discount

Purchase of 5 or more skeins of the same colorway will be discounted by 5%. Discount will be added automatically in the cart.

International Customers

Please be aware that you may be required to pay duty and/or tax upon receipt of your shipment. Rules vary by country, all taxes and customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

About Me

I am involved in many different forms of making – knitting, dyeing, watercolor illustration, quilting, embroidery, hand sewing, dressmaking, pattern drafting and apparel design, cooking, preserving, growing, and home crafts. I have a weakness for houseplants (especially orchids, ferns and any plant that will let me mount it on the wall), taxidermy, midcentury, art deco and art nouveau anything, and bugs… Indiana has so many beautiful bugs.