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Damask Shawl in Fatale Yarn


I have been knitting a lot lately. You would think, since I am always working with yarn, that I would always be knitting, but it’s not so. For me, knitting has a season and it’s about December through April or so. The rest of the year I am just not that into it and spend my time sewing, painting and embroidering. Since I had a baby 4 years ago things have been even worse and I had literally not finished a single knitting project since I was pregnant. Sitting down and getting out my knitting was always viewed as an invitation to come crawl all over mom and so I had sort of given up. But, that baby is not a baby anymore and while he still likes to crawl all over me and my knitting, he can at least be implored, with some success, to give me some space now when I need it.

So, it feels like things are flying off the needles now. Last week I knitted a shawl that has been in my Ravelry favorites forever – Damask. I am really a sucker for heavy, cable-y Japanese lace and bobbles… I *love* bobbles, so this shawl is just gorgeous to me. I felt like it was going to want a firm yarn though, not too drapey or fuzzy, so when I got a hold of my first skein of Fatale I knew it would be perfect.

Damask Shawl in Fatale Yarn


Fatale: Merino, Silk, Cashmere, finally

This is a blend I have been wanting to get a hold of for a long time. Coquette has long been my favorite yarn in my line, the 70/20/10 baby alpaca, silk, cashmere blend is just a fabulous blend. But… alpaca is just too warm to be very versatile, especially here in Oregon, so I also added Minx to my line (same blend, but with Bluefaced Leicester wool instead of the alpaca) because it’s a lovely yarn that is much more seasonally versatile than Coquette. When the merino/silk/cashmere version finally became available I wondered if it wouldn’t just feel redundant, but I went ahead and ordered a bit to try out anyway. And as it turns out, even though it is the same fingering weight 70/20/10 blend, it is a very different yarn than Coquette or Minx. Coquette is softly spun and plied because Alpaca needs to drape and bloom to be at its best. Minx is spun and plied much like Haughty – in a lofty, soft spin with plies that sort of melt together. Fatale is spun like a sock yarn – firm, shiny and springy with clearly defined plies. Technically it is a sock yarn, although I am not a sock knitter and there is something counter intuitive to me about using such fine fibers for socks, so I don’t generally regard my fingering weight yarns as sock yarns. By the way, if anyone out there is knitting socks out of any of my fingering weight yarns I would love to hear about how they are wearing.

I am totally stoked about this colorway too. It was SO boring in the dyepot and still just an almost solid brown when I was skeining it in my poorly lit studio, but when I got it into natural light it just came alive – it is full of golden olive greens, rusts, silvery aquas, deep blue-violets and little spots of an almost metallic deep teal. Those are my favorite colorways to knit with – the ones that have a definite overall color, but that are made up of a million subtle little color changes so that every stitch knits up a different color. It is great for keeping me engaged in my knitting too, seeing the colors pour off the needles. Have I mentioned that I really love color?

A new home for Wanton Fibers

Fatale is the very first thing in my new store! As some of you may have noticed, wantonfibers.com has been changing (and occasionally down) over the past week and my shop updates have been off schedule a lot lately. I have been making a lot of changes, the biggest of which is moving away from the Storenvy platform and creating my own store that is fully integrated with my website. It will give me a much better way to share lots of new content about what I am up to with knitting, dyeing, and whatever else is occupying me, as well as lots of information about Wanton Fibers yarns.

I have changed my release times and now shop updates will go live for purchase on Sunday mornings at 6am, PST. Previews of new items will go up in the store on the prior Thursday marked “coming soon” and will have a nifty little countdown clock showing when it will be available to purchase, as well as an option to get an email notification when it goes live. Also on Thursdays will sometimes be a corresponding blog post if I have anything to share about the new yarn. If you are subscribed to my mailing list (if not you can subscribe just to the right of this post, in the sidebar), I will be sending out emails when there is a new yarn-related blog post (and for sales and promotions), but not for routine shop updates. I welcome feedback if people on the mailing list would prefer to get an email for each shop update (let me know in the comments below), but unless I hear otherwise, I am going to err on the side of being less spammy. I am also doing larger releases now and may not have a new shop update each and every week.

I am hoping this first round of orders will go through without a hitch. If for any reason you have any trouble at checkout, or just any feedback about the process, please, please let me know and I will get it resolved as quickly as possible. I will be paying close attention this week and will try to respond quickly to any issues that may arise.

Damask Shawl in Fatale Yarn


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