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Courtesan: Painted Stitches

Courtesan Yarn

I have said it before, and I will say it again: superwash merino really isn’t my favorite fiber. It often isn’t really all that soft, at least in comparison to the fibers that I really, really love, like cashmere or alpaca, and one would never describe it with words like “opulent” or “decadent”. But I just twisted 50 skeins of Courtesan, a DK weight, superwash merino single into hanks and fell in love enough to immediately grab a skein of the Theodora colorway and cast on a pixie hat for my little boy. The colors are *really* fantastic – there is just so much gorgeous variation from the dye taking in a million subtle washes of color – it feels like I am painting with stitches. There is nothing quite like a big, soft, single ply yarn when it comes to dyeing. My theory is that when you don’t compress the fiber down by plying it, you give the dye more immediate and uninhibited access to the fibers, which allows all sorts of wonderful things to happen as the dye grabs freely. But regardless of the mechanism, suffice it to say that magic happens in the dyepot when singles are involved.  And as far as the hand, nothing to complain about there either – it’s softer than almost any other straight merino yarn I have come across, and of course it has got that incredible squish.

In other news…

Wanton Fibers is moving, at long last, to Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is has been in the works for a long time – we have been tentatively planning to go for a couple of years, but everything finally just came together last week (at a completely bewildering speed). My husband’s transfer went through and he will be delivering the mail bright and early on April 2nd in Fort Wayne. My daughter headed off to Europe with her grandparents and aunts last Sunday and will come back in May to Indiana instead of Oregon, leaving just me and my 4 year old here to pack up our household and my studio and drive it across the country in mid April. I will have a couple of yarn releases before I go, but there will be some downtime from late-April until the beginning of May as I get set back up and oriented. 

I think it’s going to be really great for me as a fiber artist. Oregon is just so expensive that we just haven’t been able to afford to get the space I need to really set up a proper dye studio. The move will provide me with much, much better facilities and a lot more potential for growth (future retail space??!!), so I am super excited about that. 

As you have probably noticed by now, my website and store got a major renovation this month and my first yarn release in the new store went swimmingly with no glitches. I have been really disappointed in the loading times of the site though and this week should be the last major web upheaval for Wanton Fibers as I moved the site to a new, and hopefully much faster server. The timing of the server move proved to be very awkward as it just finished up today, about a week behind schedule. As a result, there was no new yarn in the shop last week, but the preview’s are finally up now. Access to the new content may be spotty for a couple of days in the farther reaches of the globe as the changes fully populate through the worlds servers, so if you find that you cannot see the new release of Courtesan in my shop, that is certainly the culprit and unfortunately, the only cure for it is time so just clear your browser cache and try again  later. The yarn will be on preview until it goes live Sunday morning at 6am, PST.

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